June Feldman

Advanced TESOL certification


June is a well-traveled and experienced professional who brings fun into the classroom! Her BBA and over 20 years in corporate sales & marketing honed her presentation, creative, and communication skills. June was also a corporate trainer and consultant which began her teaching career.

She has an advanced TESOL certification, and specialization certificates in English for Academic Purposes, Business, Tourism, HR and Marketing. With over 5 years teaching abroad in both corporate and academic facilities, June is multi-culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of the student. She also speaks French and Spanish and is therefore well aware of the language acquisition challenges and knows how to offer the most effective learning environment. From IELTS & TOEFL test preparation to career advancement, June offers energetic, fun and effective lessons customized to suit the students’ needs.

From June Feldman: “Very much student-centered and relevant to their needs. I have taught all skill levels and specialized as well in English for Business, Tourism, HR, Marketing, and Academic. I am very energetic and flexible so that classes can be fun as well as modified based on the students’ language acquisition. I believe in the tried and true PPP approach ( Presentation, Practice, & Production). The more time the students are engaged in the lesson, the better retention they experience. Positive reinforcement is also key and thereby motivates and provides a stress-free learning environment. Students can sense my caring, enthusiastic and organized methodology, thereby assuring them of a professional and effective learning opportunity.”